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Q – What do I get with my membership?

A – You have access to bundles offering in depth information on major sleep challenges, monthly interviews with experts, my 6 week self study course giving you step by step instructions for teaching your child to fall asleep independently without leaving them to cry-it-out, monthly Q & A group call, ebooks, downloadable resources, temperament quizzes and so much more.

Q – How long do I need to be a member for?

A – Membership runs month to month, you can cancel at any time.

Q – Can anyone join the private Facebook page?

A – No. The page is only available to current members of the sleep academy. Only other members will be able to see what you post.

Q – What can i do if I feel like I would like more support?

A – If you have more questions and feel like you would like more support you can easily arrange a private phone call with me. Most can be arranged within 24 hours. Being a member of The Michi Sleep Academy is the only way you can buy individual phone calls with me.

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