The Michi Sleep Academy: Self Study Program

A 6-week online independent study course

Ideal for: busy parents who have a window of time during the day or evening to complete independent study lessons online and the self-motivation to follow through with the sleep training techniques at home.


When your baby was a newborn, those tender moments spent rocking or singing them to sleep helped create a beautiful bond between you. As the weeks go on, your child still requires comforting to get to sleep or back to sleep, often multiple times during the night and it’s wearing you thin.

Bedtime battles are becoming the norm, and lack of consistent sleep is affecting your child’s mood and temper during the day, not to mention your own.

Are you exhausted and need a solution that will help your child sleep better tonight?

You’ve learned from experience that the cry-it-out method is stressful and painful for both you and your little one and it doesn’t work. If you’re a caring parent, eager and motivated to help your child establish healthier sleep patterns now (and for life), Rebecca Michi’s no-cry sleep training techniques may be just the solution you’re looking for.

If you find yourself: 

  • Unsure about when your child needs to be fed during the night
  • Having a hard time leaving them to just cry-it-out until they fall asleep
  • Confused by conflicting advice and feel guilty that you don’t have all the answers
  • Wondering if there’s a technique to suit your child’s unique personality and your individual parenting style

Look no further. British-born and trained children’s sleep expert Rebecca Michi makes her most effective practices available to you today through The Michi Sleep Academy: Self-Study Program. It’s no wonder calls Rebecca the “British priestess of sleep” – hundreds of families have already benefited from her practical approach because it works.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally get a good night’s rest and greet your day with more energy, less stress and renewed excitement about being with your child. Would that be worth a small investment of your time?

How would your life change if your child’s sleep patterns improved in as little as one week? As you apply the lessons of The Michi Sleep Academy Self-Study Program, your child will learn to fall asleep with little to no help at the beginning of the night, will sleep for longer stretches at a time, and will be able to get themselves back to sleep independently without additional help.

Rebecca has worked with families just like yours to successfully end bedtime battles, establish healthy sleep routines and reclaim a good night’s sleep for the whole family. Change your life for the better by starting The Michi Sleep Academy Self-Study Program today.


Are You Ready to Sleep Better Tonight?

Sleep deprivation has many negative effects, including low energy level, decreased ability to focus, and reduced productivity. Marci Cleary, a spokeswoman for the National Sleep Foundation, tells us, “Sleep is something your body needs to recharge your batteries, and it affects nearly every aspect of your life…It’s food for the brain.”

Rebecca developed The Michi Method no-cry sleep training technique from a decade of working hands-on with children and families around the globe. She’s distilled her best practices down into The Michi Sleep Academy Self-Study Program, a simple and practical method for teaching your child independent sleep skills.


Imagine what would it feel like if the bedtime battles stopped and peace and sanity returned to your household.

The Michi Sleep Academy Self-Study program will help you more easily understand and fulfill your child’s needs, so you can help them establish an independent sleep routine, reclaiming a good night’s sleep for the whole family. Bedtime battles and chaotic routines will be a thing of the past, and relaxing evenings with your partner will once again be possible. If you’re ready to reclaim your life and rediscover the joys of family, read on…

Details of the Program

The Michi Sleep Academy 6-week online course includes:

  • A temperament quiz, to help you fully understand your child’s disposition and how it impacts their sleep
  • An online resource and information portal
  • Weekly audio outlining the plan for the upcoming week
  • All information, downloads, and techniques you will implement each week to teach your child how to fall asleep independently

You Will Receive :

  • A better understanding of your child’s temperament and needs
  • Age and personality-appropriate day, naptime and nighttime routines
  • Full training in The Michi Method no-cry sleep training technique


Here’s a sneak peek at The Michi Sleep Academy Self-Study curriculum:

WEEK 1 – Routines

  • Adapting your nap time, night time, and daily routines for optimal sleep
  • Introducing wind-down periods throughout the day and before sleep to help your child get fully relaxed, so they will fall asleep faster and remain asleep
  • Identifying your child’s cries and responding appropriately

WEEK 2 – Introducing And Implementing The Michi Method

  • Adjusting either nap time, or nighttime sleep, depending on which one  is having the most detrimental effect on your family
  • Training, support, and implementation of The Michi Method sleep training technique
  • Learning what to expect, when, and most importantly how to deal with it!
  • Establishing a nighttime feeding routine
  • Review and discussion of the “Sleep Training Survival Guide.”

WEEK 3 – Progressing With The Michi Method

  • The Michi Method sleep training continued: getting less and less involved in helping your child fall asleep
  • Reducing night feedings
  • Dealing with early morning wake-ups

WEEK 4 – Progressing With The Michi Method

  • The Michi Method sleep training continued: supporting your child to fall asleep independently
  • Continuation of night feeding adjustments
  • Adjusting either nap time or nighttime sleep (the opposite of what you started with in week two)

 WEEK 5 – Dealing With Issues

  • Coping with short naps and early wake-ups
  • How to adjust your daily routine when your child is starting to sleep for longer stretches at night(!)

WEEK 6 – What To Expect Going Forward

  • The best ways to deal with teething, illness, and travel – the BIG 3 that can interfere with restful sleep
  • When to drop naps
  • Making the transition to a larger bed
  • Dealing with additional issues, such as climbing out of the crib or sleep regressions


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